Now, already in Week 6 and I’ve titled this piece “Atticus Ros” because it was inspired by composer Atticus Ross‘ (Nine Inch Nails) work on one of my favourite films The Book of Eli, that combined with an influence from Icelandic alternative band Sigur Ros whose epic soundscapes are out of this world.

I have to admit, I really struggled with this one. It was a tough weekend, what with me staying out late at a staff party on Friday night – I don’t think I was completely in my creative element this time around. The final part was worked on yesterday where I added a “4 to the floor beat” – and 80’s type of synth sounds that made it sound a little like Depeche Mode. Out of all the DIY Beats worked on so far, I think this one needs more work. Keep in mind though, the point of these DIY Beats for me, is not to have them all sound like masterpieces – no, I really like to think of them as flexing the proverbial creative muscle. Let me know what you think:

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Feedback on Last Week’s DIY Beat

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to give feedback on last week’s DIY Beat, “Beat of the Weak“. The responses were largely positive and constructive, with the most feedback coming from Adrian who said the following in step by step format:

“Definitely a more rockier number. So I can dig it . I’m gonna focus on specific parts like last time to help specifically give criticism/compliment where needed

1. Intro – Again, a very good intro. It grabs your attention immediately. It has a subtle Linkin influence. You inserted some rhythmic things. I don’t konw what they are, but they have that 8th feel to them. They end after a few seconds. They where great! Also the EQ sweeped drums where rad.

2. Coming out the Intro – That is one might thick/bassy kick you have there man. Havn’t heard anything like it. It was weird cause you anticipate a big climax with lets say a Crash or something, but instead we get this big ass bassy-ness. It’s interesting. Certainly not over done. Snare is good. Now the bass? I was extra harsh here considering you are a master bassist. The notes and everything are good, but I wasn’t convinced on the tone. It sounded too hollow for my liking, especially in context of the song. I’m not sure how to explain it, maybe you scooped out some mids or something.

3. At approx 30s when the guitars come, well, thats very good. They are mixed perfectly in, the tone is great, real dirty and gritty. I dig these a lot
*how did you get the guitar parts btw?

4. 49s – 1:20s This was a great part. A very solid build up. I like those single note guitar accompanied by that fat sounding guitar and bass chord stuff in the back. The scratches are really good, but they kinda reminded me of the sound of chewing on rubber (like a baby’s dummy) due to the fact they are repeated so much and at the same velocity/timbre. So I really like the scratches, but maybe try vary a few of them to give them some authenticity. Panning them hard right was a good move! The piano coming in was great! absolutely great!
I like the complete buildup of this section in to what inevitably will be your dubstep ‘drop’.

5. 1:20 til end: Now I am by no means an expert on Dubstep, I’m hardly knowledgeable on the genre, but I am a musician, and a music appreciator/listener, so from that angle,I can say that it was a well constructed, and well written section. The Kick was less bassy and more noticable which I enjoyed. I like how without the dubstep it would of just been a mellow rock ending, but the dubstep raises that atmosphere.

As a whole, a very good song. If it where turned into a proper song with vocals etc I would probably buy it (or at least pirate it ;P)”

Naadir had this to say:

“Boss. Holy shit that snare. Epic. Dub-linkin park. Would love to figure out how you made such choons!

Maybe you could try finishing high quality versions of the beats and sharing it. You will have a strong following in no time. To me. It sounds a bit imbalanced. Maybe its experimental but you could probably aim for a more polished situation. Sounds like it has too much gain, but that might’ve been what you wanted. It is slightly distorted and can be… balanced. I still love it though, don’t get Naadir wrong. I just think that you are on to something big with your sound and can be MILKED if you want to. I really loved the snare and the cutting of it. So sick. The bass drum sounds highlly gained throughout though. Maybe abit less on that?”

Gavin: “way too short! but so good. i detect a mellow Linkin Park (early sound) and that murder bass sounds like its tinged with the genius of Hans Zimmer when he was doing Inception! and the strings! they fuel the mood! keep me posted and i will keep you posted. keep it up but. puts a smile on my face to hear what you are coming up with.salute!”

And another from Raynie: “yoh Josh! Solid man! very nice! That kick, beats in my chest bro! good work man! I am securing this one! this is solid work man!”

Caitlin said this, “JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! for some reason i wanna say “Ragga!”, but i have no idea what that actually well done.”

and Abby said this: “I don’t understand much about musician language so from an ordinary person like me I’ll have to say I really love your music :)

Vyvacious said this: “All I have to say is I wish the track was longer. I didn’t want it to end but I thought it was really good.”

and Liz said this: “This is becoming much richer. Well rounded, nice fill and punctuation without overwhelming the senses. Good work!

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