It’s funny how quickly time flies. Seems like just yesterday I challenged myself to complete one beat/composition a week, and the response so far from my friends has been both good and bad (lukewarm). I’ve also noticed how this small goal is streamlining my process while refining it at the same time. This is very exciting because I can hear what a difference putting consistent thought into my music has made, because Week 5’s “Beat of the Weak” is so much more refined, bigger and textured than Week 1’s “Hipster DIY”.

Here’s a response from Adrian regarding last week’s “Negative Spaces”: “Dude. That was literally so good, I have it on repeat. NO OBJECTIONS Good sir. You have a career in the songwritting for sure. Now lets just wait for the movies to grab this song up…

1. I like the intro. It kinda sounded awkward by itself, but then it has a very good place amongst the rest of the mix. I like that it went from awkward to not awkward. A very good intro

2. I like the banging A bass note. Prepares the song for epic ness

3. Orchestra is top notch. The song really benefited from it. That was the highlight in my opinion.

4. Those bass/kicks are epic. Like thunder. and really does sound like thunder on my side.

5. Dig how it goes to that guitar part, kinda like the verse. Reminds me of some great instrumental bands like God is an Astronaut. Has that type of post progressive feel.

6. Like the final bits with the ‘guitar’ stuff. Nice fade out too

And finally the mix is wonderfull. Bass was reflected nicely, each instrument was given their needed space. Im working through a youtube series of some mixing tips this guy gives, when i’m done writing it all you should do the same. Not the say your mixes are bad, on the contrary, but just to expand ones abilities. For example, try panning hard left and right. Will leave your song very vulnerable but also will give it hugeness.

My favourite song to date”

This is what Michael had to say about it: “Negative Spaces is sooooooooo cool. I would love to dance to it”

I’m happy that this week’s beat has been received so warmly. Here’s a response from one of my friends on Facebook:

Gavin: “way too short! but so good. i detect a mellow Linkin Park (early sound) and that murder bass sounds like its tinged with the genius of Hans Zimmer when he was doing Inception! and the strings! they fuel the mood! keep me posted and i will keep you posted. keep it up but. puts a smile on my face to hear what you are coming up with.salute!”

And another from Raynie: “yoh Josh! Solid man! very nice! That kick, beats in my chest bro! good work man!”

Abby: “Adventurous music, I love it. Your very talented I must say!”

So, here’s Week 5’s “Beat of the Weak“:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Let me know what YOU have to say about it 🙂 Any feedback on my progress would be much appreciated.

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    1. Thank you so much! Glad that my music has an appeal factor to the normal non-musician 🙂 I also enjoyed your post about the Ginger-Man Cookies – they looked delicious!

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