Week 4: Negative Spaces

Week 4 of my DIY Beats challenge. I’ve been on a bit of a string section tip lately and have fallen in love with how film composers create a larger than life type of sound, using traditional classical instrumentation. This however, is not possible (entirely) on a laptop computer, but there are ways of getting around the limitations of being a DIY musician.

This week’s piece is called “Negative Spaces” after my girlfriend Sam thought it reminded her of the type of music theatre practitioners use to ‘move to’ while experimenting movement in negative spaces. I wanted to make a larger than life type of soundscape with this one, and I think as a first try it’s not too bad. Tell me what you think, I’d really like to hear your opinion on this little journey of mine.



  1. Adventurous music, I love it. Your very talented I must say!

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