Week 2: Hospice Shopping

And we’re into the 2nd week of my DIY Beats challenge – the one where I challenge myself to compose a mini-composition on my computer. Last week I posted a track I came up with called “Hipster DIY“, to moderate reviews on Facebook. Some people thought the piece lacked something and Brother & Brother‘s “producer” Phil, thought it was annoying and felt that it needed more progression. The rest of the crowd, well they kept quiet in a somewhat unimpressed state.

This week I’m posting a track that was the natural outflow of Hipster DIY and it is called “Hospice Shopping” – so far, my Facebook friends think it needs more bass. I’m also already half way through next week’s track.

Enjoy this creative learning process with me and press the little play button below.



    • Thanks Jesse, I tried to make this one quite simple – and held back a bit on over producing it. However, a lot of musician friends thought it was kinda crap – they probably would’ve liked it to be more flashy and busy. Less is more though 🙂

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