For the longest time I’ve been too “precious” about musical ideas or beats that I put down on computer – y’know putting them up online for people to hear. I’ve decided to give myself a small challenge, once a week I’m gonna upload a short one or two minute piece just to get into the groove of working consistently at something small. It’s easier to devour small pieces of the pie before going for the big one. Because of this preciousness I feel, I haven’t been maximising the amount of time I spend working on music.

So this weekend, the “beat-making” bug hit me again. I wanted to flow with whatever idea came out at that precise moment and not worry too much about crafting this next piece in too much of a packaged or produced way. What I want to focus on right now is the process of painting the picture as opposed to the extreme end result of the process. Maybe that’s because you can’t necessarily quantify the physical process of creativity on a distinct timeline, except when you give yourself a small challenge. In this sense that would be a “beat a weekend”.

I feel even more inclined to this method of working now that I have a full-time job that requires my full attention. Getting to work in a musical sense after hours or on weekends is cumbersome, because in some sense you need to unwind all of the stuff that happened during the day – while trying to stay awake. The physical act of practising/creating takes the same amount of energy as a job would require I feel, if not more.

So, here you have a track that is a process and a short creative experiment.

Feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy!

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0 thoughts on “Week 1: Getting Over Myself

  1. It sounds like you are figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t without necessarily compromising on your art or fulltime job. Sounds like you’re in a good space

    1. Yeah Mikey, it’s been a deep and often difficult learning process – and still continues to be that way. I’m not sure if it has much meaning “this juggling” in the greater scheme of things, it just feels good to be DOING something regardless of the time or place I find myself in – in life. At the minimum, all I can gain from this process is practice and a sense of discipline. How’s your process coming on?

  2. Hey bro, first thanks for stopping by my page, second I think your on the perfect path to your own musical redemption. The syncopation, melody and harmony in your first track are outstanding, a true flow of the creative process, as is the case in any medium. What I really like is when you said you like the work of painting in your beats versus the end product. Its what I think all in their chosen field or medium of artistic endeavor enjoy. Its probably more about the journey than the final destination.

    What do you think?

    1. Thanks so much for the meaningful comment man. What you said was spot on – What I’ve wrestled with for a long time was being free enough to explore while creating. I grew up in a culture where this process of creating was largely overlooked – especially if the work you created wasn’t on par with Beethoven or Mozart or any of the classic painters (if painting or illustration was your thing). So, in a sense – putting myself through the creative process diligently without “beat”ing myself up about whether it is on par with anything. Thanks alot for the feedback though, I really appreciate it. I read your poetry and bio, and it moved me. I loved the honesty in which you spoke about your son. It takes a lot to look back on your life and speak candidly about things that people generally don’t want to be honest about. I guess that’s what the creative process is all about – honesty!

      1. Bro you got a new friend in me. I hear ya when you say that the process of creating is/was largely overlooked…wasn’t on par with Beethoven or Mozart. I have studied piano and trumpet as well as cornet and played the classics, and studied the greats like Shelley and Lord Byron, and Whitman to name a few, but as I near the second half of my life and life is what I intend to live, down and dirty, open and honest with myself then I must be true to myself and create in my style, Comically divine, Hellish brash, Erotic grit whatever flows I will not hamper it, nor will life take hold. I will control what I can and the only thing that is, is my writing.

        1. 🙂 A new friend yay! I feel you on that, I think learning to flow with what comes out is the hardest – as a musician yourself I’m sure you can understand how daunting playing those first few notes can be – especially when you have people breathing down your neck. Like when I was studying classical piano, I used to feel so afraid at the music conservatory while practicing that someone might be scrutinizing my playing on the other side of the door! Now, I don’t really care as much as I used to. Regardless, it is a process and the inhibited attitude when it comes to flowing creatively needs to be unlearned in some way, hence the DIY Beats per week. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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