Adrian Rogowski

Adrian Rogowski (Brother & Brother‘s guitarist) is a funk boss, no doubt about it. Judging by the response he’s received from this month’s funk composition competition on Guitar Forum SA, where he submitted his latest self-produced track called ‘Turn it Around‘.

Last year the two of us worked on a one minute reggae skit which received good reviews from members of the online community, during the month of October we did the same – just with funk this time.

Adrian did all the production including the guitars, programming and mixing/mastering while I borrowed my voice and bass skills to the track.

I have to say that giving yourself a musical goal and a deadline is a rewarding exercise, because I often get a bright idea but because the creativity strikes at any given moment for no apparent readon – I find myself not having the follow through to finish all the ideas I have.

What we were going for with this track was mix a bit of James Brown with Jamiroquai and a lot of Bootsy Collins.

Well done Adi!

Have a listen:

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0 thoughts on “How to Play Funk Like A Boss

    1. Thanks so much Matthew! 🙂 I appreciate the feedback. Just have to keep it grooving you know? The main credit goes to Adrian, he loves giving me challenges – I have a tendency to play it safe lol

  1. Funk has always had a sweet spot in my heart. I would have loved to hear a little crazier bass line but that’s just my personal preference since I used to play.

    Random note: Love Bootsy Collins 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Vyvacious! 🙂 Yes Funk is what got me into bass playing in the first place, the grooving basslines. About wanting more of a crazy bassline – you’d be surprised how tough it is to get something as crazy as a Bootsy Collins bassline tight in the studio – that guy is a BOSS. So, I opted for something a tiny bit more simple but repetitive enough so as not to get boring. Hey, why did you quit playing bass? 🙂

      1. You’re welcome!! I know what you mean about funk!

        Actually, I’m not surprised at all! I totally understand how tough it is to get the crazy bassline just the way you want it but I don’t think it would hurt anyone if you tried. If anything, I think it would up your skills EVEN MORE at being able to capture that perfect play.

        Not saying that I don’t enjoy the bassline that you did by the way, I think it’s awesome! I stopped because my boyfriend at the time took the bass he gave to me as a gift and sold it for money. After that, it just left a bad taste in my mouth that I never really played again but I do enjoy a good bassline 🙂

        1. Ahhh I see, well from one bass player to another – it’s never too late to pick it up and start again hehe. That’s one of the main life lessons I’ve learnt this year, just keep doing the thing you love in spite of etc etc etc…Anyway, thanks that you took the time to listen to the track comment and give your constructive feedback!

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