Brother & Brother with DJ Eazy, Recruit, Trevor Solomons, Dennis Stander and Luke Otto

So our last Sunday Night Live (SNL) event at Kaleidoscope Cafe wasn’t as well attended as we had hoped. In a sense this was both a good and a bad thing. Let’s start with the bad: once again we performed to an empty room with 5 people in the audience. The good thing about it is that this unfortunate setback allowed us the privilege of letting our guard down and doing what we do best = Jamming!

Because the atmosphere was so intimate we got to adapting a few of our tunes and jamming the heck out of whatever just flowed. What flowed was a Rage Against the Machine type groove for one of Recruit‘s songs and a free flow reggae for one of the others.

Apart from DJ Eazy doing some interesting scratches and Recruit doing freestyle raps, we were joined on stage by comedian Dennis Stander who to my surprise had such a great voice! Later when we had just about ended our set Trevor Solomons pulled up with his sax and started blowing away and rapping in a manner much like that of  Soweto Kinch (who Trevor bears a striking resemblance to).

Here is a short clip of our last reggae inspired final jam tune, note my inexplicable coffee drinking habit while playing the keys. Trevor has aptly called the video ‘The Trevolution’, perhaps these monthly SNL events will trevolutionize the status quo of music appreciation in Cape Town on a Sunday night.


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