C’Est La Vie

Sometimes on Thursday nights – myself, Ramon and Annemie go jamming at a German restaurant/pub in Somerset-West called C’Est La Vie. They generally have specific evenings dedicated to certain genres of music, Thursday being jazz night. The resident band is helmed by pianist Adolf Thelen, accompanied by Duncan Combe (bass) and Mark Augustin (drums).

Ramon and Annemie generally save my butt on Thursday nights ’cause I sometimes work late on deadlines and often only finish at 7:30pm – so I grab a ride with them to the jam and back home later.

Last Thursday night was particularly interesting ’cause I got to jam with South African jazz legends Alvin Dyers (guitar) and Maurice Gawronsky (drums). Ramon joined on piano and we jammed the standards Solar, All the Things You Are and Wave. It was quite humbling to play with these really experienced players. What stood out for me was the sound that they produced and how “in there” it all was – I can’t explain it in a better way, other than to say it was good…All in all I think I managed to hold it together.

After, I exchanged a few words with Maurice and was surprised to hear that he played drums for Stan Getz – the highlight of his career in jazz!

It’s exciting to think that in some unparalleled way, everyone has a unique life journey and that sometimes these wandering paths cross, if but for a moment. What I’ve learnt from playing jazz is that the imparting of knowledge is a cornerstone of this idiom, and that age is never a limitation for what can be learned.


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