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The cool thing about having a blog is that I get to dump alot of promotional material on my unfortunate group of online followers. Having said that, I’ve decided to dump these two posters on you.

The first one: Stellenbosch Heritage Festival, where Reinhart Rymhard (my friend Raynie’s poetic alter-ego) will be performing on Monday afternoon as part of our nationwide Heritage Day celebrations. I’ll be backing him up on keyboard as a foretaste for a spoken word show that we are planning to do for a very well known festival next year. I really think Raynie has a fresh approach to poetry and that show is gonna be amazing – I’m not just saying so. It’s gonna be special.

DJ Eazy on the cover of Vision

Brother & Brother has two shows coming up next week, one at Hidden Cellar in Stellenbosch for an event called Rock and Roots Live on Friday night, alongside the bands VoortVlugtend, Kaal and Roseblood. The door cover for then is R30.

Our other gig is on Sunday night at Kaleidoscope Cafe‘s Sunday Night Live (SNL) event alongside well-known hip hop personality DJ Eazy and rapper Recruit. Our first SNL was a great show (possibly our best yet – even if it was for a very small crowd). It was good collaborating and mixing various genres in the way we did. We hope to back Recruit up on two of his tracks from his debut album The Sign Up.

If you don’t know who DJ Eazy is, here’s a short video of this legend explaining how he came to hip hop:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3VXNRlkcTc]

Here’s something from our last gig at Zula Bar from Baboon Boogie.

Brother & Brother at Baboon Boogie (Zula Bar)

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