Here’s is my friend Raynie’s latest post – The piece of music is something we mixed up for fun. It’s a start. I love his honesty on the track. It’s good to know that it comes from such a real and undeniable place.

Reinhart Rymhard

The lyrics of track that you’re about to hear, was actually inspired by a letter I wrote to a friend a couple of years ago.

We were young, fools thinking we were wise, looking for answers in all the wrong places. We were trying to create meaning in a world that seemed to be without and unwilling to accept the mediocrity of it all. Everyone seemed to be accepting the status quo passively and we weren’t able to. So, even our drug use was justified. The justification was a grand fabrication, but it was necessary and reasonable within our context. We lived in a world where everybody believed they were right with the effect that nobody was, this was obviously in our experience. We wanted to know and understand or if we couldn’t, we wanted to make the experience of not knowing, as pleasant as possible. It was extremely difficult, if not impossible to see the…

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