First things first

Reinhart Rymhard

My friend Raynie has started an inspiring spiritual and online journey as Reinhart Rymhard. I mentioned in previous posts that we’ve been working together on spoken word poetry. His first post here is an honest and endearing one that encourages me to work hard and keep going.

Reinhart Rymhard

You wouldn’t believe how much conflict the track you’re about to hear stirred in me, but I’m going tell you anyway.

I grew up not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life, but since I was reasonably strong academically, I thought going to University was the thing to do. Although I had an interest in creative stuff like design, I never gave it a shot, because I never really nurtured my creative side which led me to believe I had no talent. You see, some how I got it into my mind that you had to be some prodigy to really “make it” as an artist. Read more about the cultural dynamic supporting that view in a really touching, honest blogpost by Joshua Prinsloo. A creative career didn’t feature as a choice.

As a result, I tried my hand at two different courses at two…

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