As on request from my good friend and avid Brother & Brother supporter  Claudia, I decided to write out a long overdue update about what’s been happening band wise. A lot has happened in the last time and I hope to cover any of the most important.


Brother & Brother originally began as a side project when myself, Adi (guitar) and Dave (drums) were playing in a band called The Curious Incident in 2010. For two years we met on occasion to work on new ideas. It was only until November last year when our friend Carlo suggested we do a music video for one of our songs, that we made a concerted effort to be more serious about the band. We booked a studio session at the Rooftop Studio and decided to record a song I wrote in late 2010 called ‘All But Left Behind’. The song was mixed by Vuka Award winning sound engineer Sean Gunns and mastered in the UK by Metropolis Group (U2, Bloc Party, Led Zeppelin, Muse etc…).

We received such an overwhelming positive response from people who’d heard it, we decided to get a bassist involved (as I’d played both keys and bass on the recording). That bassist was Brent, one of my old students – he was with the band ’til last week.

Our first show was on the 17th April at Aan de Braak Theatre in Stellenbosch. Our reasoning was to debut our music in a small, quaint and relaxed atmosphere. We launched in Cape Town a week later at Kaleidoscope Cafe, where Phil (our manager) who at that time wasn’t out manager, volunteered to do our sound for us: free of charge. We’d heard that he’d listened to ‘All But Left Behind’ something like 50 times in preparation for the gig. Little did we know that Phil, Adi’s sister’s quiet friend; was a world-class music producer from London. He had worked in a commercial music production studio for over 15 years and released tons of music in many different countries as well as won numerous awards. From the band stand it sounded like I was playing in a big band like U2 or Coldplay. Phil then, without our knowing – sent ‘All But Left Behind’ to Universal Music in Los Angeles for feedback, where we got a great response.

Since then we have done 5 shows and have played alongside jazz singer Melanie Scholtz, DJ Eazy, The Recruit, Lucy Kruger and Little Hartmut (of the Lottery Tickets).

5 shows are very little considering we have been going since April. 2 months of which were stagnant due to Adi being sick with tonsillitis and glandular fever. Phil is also very ill in hospital as I write this.

A little while ago, a friend of mine Ninette asked us if we could help her out for her sound engineering studies at SAE. We went in and recorded another one of our power ballads called ‘He Knew No Love’. She is editing and mixing it.

Last week I sent ‘All But Left Behind’ to a work colleague in the US, not knowing that her husband works in sales and marketing at Sony Music. Their feedback was great and thought that it is a really good song.

This past weekend we did a mash-up show with DJ Eazy and rapper The Recruit at the Sunday Night Live event  Kaleidoscope Cafe, which was a bit like the Linkin Park/Jay-Z collaboration. This has by far been my favourite show to date, despite the poor attendance. We are planning to so a lot more over the next coming months – hopefully to a bigger audience.


I just received a whole bunch of radio packs from Adi in the form of DVD jewel cases that I will be sending to various stations over the next week. Each case has a CD inside with ‘All But Left Behind’ burned on in both WAV and mp3 formats, a pdf press kit, photos and relevant contact information. Adi designed and printed the packaging,  Stephanie (Adi’s sister) designed the CDs and Phil printed them. The photos were taken by Nicola Suttle.

We have 2 shows coming up, both charity gigs: one is on the 23rd August at a fashion school and the other is called Baboon Boogie and is happening at Zula Bar on the 5th September.

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