Brother & Brother with DJ Eazy and The Recruit at Sunday Night Live

Last night was Sunday Night Live (SNL) at Kaleidoscope Cafe, where my band Brother & Brother teamed up with well-known turntableist  DJ Eazy and rapper The Recruit to deliver a pumping musical explosion of sound.

I can’t begin to explain how excited I get when such dynamic and creative cross-over happenings take place. Being at the center-fold of collaborations like these prove to me how versatile we are as a collective, and although all of 20 people came out in the wet Cape Town weather – it was definitely worth the effort.

Having just last week lost our bassist, I organised a very talented young cellist/bassist to play with us: Luke Otto. As Glenn Robertson (Pastor at Kaleidoscope) re-iterated, Luke brought a power-house bass sound to what I can only refer to as a killer show. With DJ Eazy doing mad scratches over two of our mash-up tunes and The Recruit delivering some relevant social subject matter, I was inspired to play my heart out. It seldom happens that a band has the opportunity to break the proverbial mould of its standard and rightly rehearsed set-list to accommodate some equally formidable artists.

This was Brother & Brother’s fifth official gig. What I’ve learnt from our fledgling brain-child is the fickleness of human nature – how easy it is for your friends and family to tell you how sorry they are for not attending your shows. I’ve heard everything from how their dog died and how they had to bury it on the night of the show, to how they had to babysit their kids and take them to indoor swimming after they promised they’d attend, or how they all wanted to go drinking with the money they couldn’t spend on your show, ’cause they needed to escape from reality. I’ve learnt to utter the quaint and somewhat defeated “Don’t worry – it’s cool” time and time again, because saving them from the awkwardness of explaining their poorly formulated story is easier for all of us in the long run.

This is not true for everyone, and seeing the familiar faces of our regular supporters is more encouraging than nothing. My aunt Mary-Ann always does her best to support my shows and never puts me down for following my dream, and our friends Ruan and Carlo have made me happy with their presence at our shows from the beginning. At best, it gives me the heart to shout the chorus from our new song at the top of my lungs, “Sing it from the Hills, Sing it from the Tall Trees!” knowing there are some, who believe in our music. We have seen some serious setbacks in the last time with Adi (our guitarist) being sick for two months, the loss of our bassist last week, and Phil (our manager) being really ill.

I’d like to thank Glenn Robertson for having our back and encouraging the audience to step forward and give us someone to play to, after they had spent the duration of both The Recruit’s set and ours in the dark and on chairs that had been moved to the side in hope of a fuller audience. Glenn assured us that our music is world-class and his constant support of Brother & Brother has been invaluable. DJ Eazy and The Recruit are both phenomenal people and we look forward to many more collaborations in future. This is only the beginning.

The Recruit’s album drops this week. I’ll keep you in the loop. Pun intended.





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