Since last week Friday I have been playing bass every night for the week long run of the theatre piece Deurbraak, which is happening at Aan de Braak Theatre in Stellenbosch. After a successful run at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK) earlier this year, the show is back with a loud politically incorrect bang!

Helmed by Christine Falck (owner of Aan de Braak Theatre) and a masterfully creative team in Riaan Visman (director) and Lucas Heinen (musical director/pianist), it has been an awesome journey. I’m not gonna mention what I’d already said in my post earlier this year, I just think it’s really great to be performing alongside so many talented and creatively minded individuals, who have all made tiny breakthroughs and massive strides in their own creative careers. I am often gobsmacked by how much talent is right underneath my own nose.

The show features the awesome acting, singing, dancing and writing talents of Peter Treunicht (or Roxy le Roux, as he is known to most), Johan ‘Falcky’ Falck, Marike Reinke, Marlie Kock, Pierre Van Heerden, Stephanie Badenhorst, Lize-Meri Smalberger, Brian Robson and Simone Biscombe.

If you’d like to read a review of the show, just follow this link.



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