From left: Gemayel Kroukamp (Drums), Philip Vermeulen (Guitar), Maya Spector (Vocals), Josh Prinsloo (Bass), Blake Hellaby (Piano)

The benefit of being a musician, is¬†that you gain priceless life experience while on the job. One must also be prepared to suffer for art; while standing¬†precariously in the pouring rain at 8 on a Saturday morning. I’m not sure what’s worse, the rain – or the getting up early. The shots you’re seeing were taken by my favourite local photographer – Nicola Suttle. She is making quite a name for herself in Cape Town, and I’m proud to be displaying her work right here on my blog. The band being photographed is CueCumber Jazz, an afro-pop jazz band I’ve been playing bass for recently. The shots were all taken at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

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