I recently started playing bass for a jazz band called CueCumber Jazz. Led by drummer Gemayel Kroukamp, pianist Blake Hellaby, guitarist Craig Victor and fronted by sultry vocalist Maya Spector, we pulled off a quaint first public performance at Kaleidoscope Cafe on Friday night. It was a priviledge for me to once again share the stage with my buddy Craig, who I started my first band Green Room Collective with about four years ago. It was also great to be sharing the bill with local Cape Town jazz legends Ibrahim Khalil Shihab/Chris Schilder (piano) and Gary Kriel (bass).  After our set; Glenn Roberston (owner, pastor, and vocalist/percussionist at Kaleidoscope Cafe) asked me to perform an item from my rock band Brother & Brother’s repertoire because he likes our music so much. I decided to do All But Left Behind; our first single – and although my voice wasn’t warmed up, I think it went okay.

From Left: Gemayel Kroukamp (drums), Maya Spector (vocals), Josh Prinsloo (bass), Craig Victor (guitar), Blake Hellaby (piano)
Craig Victor (guitar), Maya Spector (vocals), Gemayel Kroukamp (drums), Josh Prinsloo (bass), Blake Hellaby (piano)


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