I first came into contact with Michelle-Lize van Wyk’s prophetic art works about 2 years ago through my close friend Raynie, who regularly writes his own prophetic poetry for Michelle-Lize’s exhibitions. Last year, she invited the two of us to perform a song called An Issue of Blood at the exhibition she held at Clouds Wine Estate. Some of the thematic devices which Raynie had used during the writing of the song appeared recurrently in many of Michelle-Lize’s works and so it appeared that a once off collaboration between the three of us was not in the books.

Raynie - The Mystic Wordsmith

On Thursday evening/Friday morning, Raynie and I once again teamed up to deliver some freshly baked lyrical at Michelle-Lize’s latest exhibit at In the Vine. We had amazing responses and many people were interested in hearing more of our stuff. We haven’t really recorded anything professionally due to financial constraints, but atleast now we know there is a demand.

Raynie and I

Michelle-Lize’s events are always jam packed with what I like to call The Real, pure unadulterated truth and honesty. Being an artist; I am often bombarded with a whole lot of pretense and it’s refreshing when art serves its purpose as a tool that is meant to edify, encourage, and inspire. Her paintings are no different. Here are a few crappy shots I took using my Blackberry:

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