So, Tuesday night I had my very first gig with my band Brother & Brother at Aan De Braak Theatre in Stellenbosch. Milesone one complete, but not without a few pitfalls. The first of which was a smoking stage monitor which began acting up during our soundcheck. Thanks to Creative Gear, the monitor was quickly replaced and we were well on our way to a superbly tight performance. In spite of what appeared to be a unanimous lack of turnout at 19:30, the place was well attended by 20:30; during which time Lucy Lilith was enchanting the audience with her amazing vocal abilities. All in all we had a great first performance with quite a few people drawing comparisons between us and some of the more popular international bands. Feedback was positive all round. Special thank yous go out to Shaun Cloete (our sound man who did a great job), Christine and Falcky from Aan De Braak, Nicola Suttle (Photography), and everyone who made the effort to come to the event. Let’s hope our gig this Saturday night at Kaleidoscope Cafe in Claremont is as well attended, if not better.

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