Last year I started reading a book called Set Your Voice Free by top vocal coach Roger Love (coach of John Mayer, Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, Earth Wind & Fire, the cast of Glee, and many more well-known artists). When Love had posted on Facebook that he was looking for new students, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some feedback on the progress I was making. A one minute song that was produced by my friend Adrian especially for a music production competition on Guitar Forum SA (where it received alot of positive reviews) was used. After abit of deliberation as to whether Love would actually respond, the song was posted on Soundcloud for him to scrutinise. It wasn’t long after that he had responded with the following feedback:

“Hey Josh! Yes, that’s it! Sounds really good. Great voice for this style – it grooves the way it should.”

Love also told me that I should work on the vocal timing to make it “pocket” more. Considering the fact that the song was recorded and mixed in a short period of time, abit of constructive feedback did not do any harm. Since my band Brother & Brother’s online launch on April 1st, our debut single All But Left Behind has been receiving loads of positive critique with much emphasis on the great vocal character of the song. Love’s special middle voice exercise has given me new confidence when singing. Viva Roger Love!

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