On 3oth September 2011, Raynie and I debuted two of our collaborative hip hop compositions at the very first Every Nation Stellenbosch Arts Soiree. Spoken Word and the Spoken Word of God in the same house no doubt. The Arts Soiree was comprised of the collective talents of musicians, visual artists, poets, dancers, and a range of other artists who regularly attend the Every Nation church.

The first time I saw Raynie perform some of his spoken word material was at one of Stellenbosch University Poetry Society’s poetry slams back in 2007. I knew this guy had something really anointed but we never really got around to collaborating on tunes until late last year, when I approached him to work on a spoken word tune  called ‘An Issue of Blood’. The tune was initially intended to form part of an electronic music showcase I had planned as a collaborative effort between myself and various other poets in the Stellenbosch area. When Raynie had first brought the poem to me I was so excited; I immediately took the vocal take home to begin working on the song. Fast forward one year later, and we had a full band lined up to take on the sold out show. It consisted of Stellenbosch’s premier jazz drummer Annemie Nel, Every Nation worship team leader and guitarist Theo Valentyn, vocalist Rotondwa Mudau, myself on bass, and Raynie on rhymes. Raynie’s fluid delivery and mesmerising stage persona had everyone hanging on his poignant punchlines. This; coupled with Rotondwa’s pretty vocals made for a well rounded performance.

Raynie performing 'An Issue of Blood'

The second tune we perfomed, oddly reminiscent of 90s Ice Cube gangster rap; was called ‘Anthem of High Philosophy’, and was built on a beat I’d left untouched until Raynie mentioned that he wanted to rhyme over it.

Raynie and I performing 'Anthem of High Philospophy'. What you're seeing is me doing an extended freestyle rap after I forgot the chorus. Raynie later cued me as to the lyrics of the chorus. No-one noticed the error.

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