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Share the Fruit: Julian Wenntertainment – Love Is

I recently had the opportunity to produce Julian Wenntertainment's first single Love Is, which was later turned into a Indigogo crowdfunded music video. Working with Julian was a really educational…
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Those Who Do Not Move, Do Not Notice Their Chains

Khoisan Poetry and Slave Narratives at Open Book Festival This past Saturday I sat in on a discussion on Khoisan poetry at the Open Book Festival at the Fugard Theatre. One of my friends alongside…
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Two Newspaper Articles, One Day

Last week was an eventful week in the press for me - Rockville 2069, the musical I'm acting in made it into two newspapers on one day. The first article was a feature on me in Stellenbosch's Eikestad…
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I’m Through to the Final!

I'm really happy to announce that I made through to the Final of the Cape Town Acoustic 'n Folk Music Festival Auditions! On the 20th August the final will once again take place at Music Experience…
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Busy…But Not Complaining

It's been two incredibly busy weeks since I last posted an update here - I literally haven't been finding a free moment until right now. So? What have I been doing, let's see... Rockville 2069…
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