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A Million Pieces: Giants EP Opening Track Online

The opening track of the Fruit Vendor Giants EP is here! Featuring Jerome Rex, The Route and DjHearin Aid and the awesome guitar work of Adrian Rogowski: A Million Pieces. Share the…
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A King’s Colour

Portuguese rap music is blaring on a pink-haired girl’s tablet as a Metrorail train coasts slowly along this Thursday morning. While she recites her raps aloud with two of her comrades, a train…
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Story of My Carless Life

While most people are beginning to slow down over the festive season, not much has been slowing down my side. Last night was one of those awry times when I realised how much my lack of personal…
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How I Survived the Demon Monster of Gympie Street

Tik huise, taxi drivers spraying bullets into the air, broad daylight drug deals, and the 2nd most dangerous street in the world: Gympie Street. All in the close proximity of some pretty music.…
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