Mr Fantasy is Here!

The new Brother & Brother track Mr Fantasy is here! We love funk music, there is nothing quite as much fun as boogying hard to a really groovy funk track – especially when the whole audience is jamming and singing along too. Mr Fantasy is one of those tracks, it also happens to be the […]

Story of My Carless Life

While most people are beginning to slow down over the festive season, not much has been slowing down my side. Last night was one of those awry times when I realised how much my lack of personal transport adds to the exhaustion I experience when commuting, or alternatively; planning my transportation itinerary. For the last […]

Bombs Keep Falling!

I’d like to introduce you to the title single off my band Brother & Brother‘s debut EP. This track was actually composed off the cuff about two years ago while Adrian (our guitarist) and myself were over at the Conservatory looking for new ideas for songs. The main piano riff of the song would have […]