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Filled to the Brim with Fruit

This past weekend was one filled to the brim with the sharing of the fruit! - The first Giants EP Launch rehearsal with the full band was Friday - Saturday was the first Fruit Vendor Street Team…
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2015: Losing Life and Finding it Again

2015 is just about done - arguably the hardest year I've had to come through, hands down. After all the crap that happened (which included losing two oumas in one year, getting mugged and beat up by…
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Cultsha Kennis: Share the Fruit, Share the Music – the Fruit Vendor Takes Us Through a Journey of his Musical Produce!

Tasneem Daniels of the blog Cultsha Kennis just recently published an interview she conducted with me about all things Fruit Vendor. In it she offers some really cool insights into my creative…
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On Dreaming: The Fruition of a Life Goal

Nearly 3 years ago, I wrote down a list of 50 life goals/dreams that I wanted to achieve in the next 10 years. The idea was to write out all the wildest, seemingly unattainable things that I always…
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Meeting a Giant: On the Most Memorable Performance of My Career

On the 7th of August I did a performance at the Baxter Theatre as part of the Cape Town Folk 'n Acoustic Music Festival - it was hands-down the best performance of my career to date. I had the…
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