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2015: Losing Life and Finding it Again

2015 is just about done - arguably the hardest year I've had to come through, hands down. After all the crap that happened (which included losing two oumas in one year, getting mugged and beat up by…
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Mr Fantasy is Here!

The new Brother & Brother track Mr Fantasy is here! We love funk music, there is nothing quite as much fun as boogying hard to a really groovy funk track - especially when the whole audience is…
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Mr Fantasy Appetiser: Play That Funky Music

Once I was a boogie singer, playing in a rock 'n roll band (my band Brother & Brother)...Some kickass, high energy footage of us doing "Play That Funky Music" at Aandklas earlier this year. Real…
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Mr Fantasy Artwork: Schoolboy Fantasies

One of my favourite things to do when I was growing was to do little drawings. My earliest memory of being an artist was probably around 4 years old, getting lost in a fantasy world where characters…
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It Just Takes Ten Seconds: How We Took A Chance Encounter and Immortalised It

The new Brother & Brother track "Ten Seconds" is finally here! After a chance encounter with a homeless man on the streets of Muizenberg about three/four years ago, I was inspired to write a song…
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