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Review: Jitsvinger – Jitsologie EP Launch

The District Six Homecoming Centre was a fitting location to launch Jitsologie, a new EP by Afrikaans cultural activist and hip hop artist Jitsvinger. Amid walls adorned in artefacts from the…
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Studio Journal 2: Bass on Oliver Twist

We've recorded the drums on three songs and the bass on two songs so far. I've decided to record each song incrementally on a weekly basis since that gives everyone a good deal of time to internalise…
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Waiting for Resources like Waiting for Godot

Waiting for resources is like Waiting for Godot (thumbs up to you if you got the Samuel Beckett reference). In the creative industry, everyone's always waiting for resources that seldom arrive - be…
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Own Your Sh*t

It's 2010 and I'm a bass playing band hopper. I hop bands night after night in constant flow between rehearsals and gigs. I play with anyone who needs a bass player regardless of what genre they do…
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Fruit Vendor at Grounding Sessions: Promo by Win Media

Last week I did a poetry gig at the Grounding Sessions at Tagore's in Observatory. Grounding Sessions is a weekly open mic platform which includes one featured poet who gets to perform a 15-20 minute…
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