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Studio Journal 1: Drums on Oliver Twist

I've decided to start keeping a journal of the progress we are making on my first full length album. We are very much at the beginning of the process of production, but it's amazing to see how every…
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DIY Beats , Music , Poetry , Songwriting

A Million Pieces: Giants EP Opening Track Online

The opening track of the Fruit Vendor Giants EP is here! Featuring Jerome Rex, The Route and DjHearin Aid and the awesome guitar work of Adrian Rogowski: A Million Pieces. Share the…
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Giants EP Mixes Are Done!

See the red writing listed 1 - 7 on the whiteboard? See the green line drawn through each item on the list? You know what it means? It means the mixes for my debut EP called "Giants" are now done!…
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Fruit Vendor at Grounding Sessions: Promo by Win Media

Last week I did a poetry gig at the Grounding Sessions at Tagore's in Observatory. Grounding Sessions is a weekly open mic platform which includes one featured poet who gets to perform a 15-20 minute…
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Pirates & Thieves at the Fruit Farm

I had this giant renaissance man Julian Wenntertainment come in to record his new track Pirates & Thieves at the Fruit Farm yesterday! Expect the promo vid really soon. Why don't you come record…
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