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Awkwardly Dancing to Big, Funky Bass

Mark Funks it up at SUN Studios In my previous post I told you about our recording session at SUN Studios last week, well - here's a sneak peak into the shenanigans as they unfolded. Our bassist Mark…
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Busy…But Not Complaining

It's been two incredibly busy weeks since I last posted an update here - I literally haven't been finding a free moment until right now. So? What have I been doing, let's see... Rockville 2069…
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Shuddup and Listen to Jaco

Whenever I get a free moment and have the desire to do so, I draw. So I drew this image of legendary bass player Jaco Pastorius. I was trying to colour in the figure in an interesting way and I'm…
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SLiP’s Tongue Fu Video

Last month I played bass for popular UK performance poet Chris Redmond at the Tongue Fu Poetry Session held at AmaZink, this was part of the Stellenbosch leg of his SA tour. In the band with me was…
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