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Partying with a Purpose while Wrestling with Dawn

Strange title - I know, right? I played an amazingly awesome gig at a house party in Hout Bay this weekend where I played a short (5 song) Fruit Vendor set. The house party was a fundraiser for the…
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Brother & Brother Vlog #2: Mr Fantasy Drops Tomorrow!

Curious to hear our new Brother & Brother track? Here's a little vid I made to promo it which utilises some rap and some Oorlams TV presenting, it drops tomorrow on Soundcloud! Not just that, it…
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Oorlams Doodle #2: Aliens, Vissies ennie Cape Flats

Woke up this morning to an inbox from someone who wants to commission me to do two art pieces for them - if that's not an indication to carry on going then I really dunno what is. Never in my wildest…
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Mr Fantasy Artwork: Schoolboy Fantasies

One of my favourite things to do when I was growing was to do little drawings. My earliest memory of being an artist was probably around 4 years old, getting lost in a fantasy world where characters…
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Oorlams Doodle #1: The 3 Poverties

This week during the Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) two day workshop I attended, I picked up an old habit that's come with me since my school days: doodling. While learning about the concept…
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