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Today Raynie and I performed for the kids at Pieter Langeveld Primary School for the B+ (Be Positive) prayer initiative. I think they enjoyed Raynie’s vibey rap, seeing as they were clapping hands and singing the chorus hook “You were gone and couldn’t come back” afterwords. Smallboy: Is Uncle nou al famous? Not by far. 🙂

The Human Barcode

An interesting area of focus that has gripped me since the beginning of my marketing studies this year is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. RFID makes use of radio wave transponders that exchange information between a reader and an electronic tag. This electronic tag can then be attached to an object to track it and […]

The Relationship between exposure to sexual music videos and young adults’ sexual attitudes

In an interesting study conducted with a sample of 266 undergraduate students, findings showed that those with greater exposure to sexual content in music videos were more permissive toward pre-marital sex and related sexual activities. The study suggests that the persuasive power of music videos bears a tentative problem with regard to sex education and […]