Studio Album Journal Week 13: Man in the Mascot Suit Workshop

Studio Album Journal Week 13: This week we rehearsed for two upcoming gigs next week (including our residency at Plug & Play Sessions @youngblood_ct @neenaaveedeebee @whatsonincapetown @quickettix @martinmyersct @musicexchangect @musicexchangesa ) AND we workshopped Man in the Mascot Suit for the album. I wrote this song when one of my primary income streams was mascoteering in touring children’s theatre road shows – it tells the story of anyone trying to make headway in the creative field but having to start way down at the bottom. Instead of going for the typical top 40 pop sound on it, we localized it with mbaqanga elements and some real Cape Town flavour. The roaming mic is doing us wonders @marsmusicsa @legacyschoolofmusic @love_music_love_legacy @behancroeser Video edit by @roscoroman 9 1/2 Fingers Media @greenappleman05 @fruitargeek #ShareTheFruitShareTheJourney #ManInTheMascotSuit #StudioJournal #ShowYourWork #DIYLoungeStudio #CapeTownRenaissance #CreativeCultureInnovation

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