Ep Launch Flyer Design6 Days ’til the Giants EP Launch! Take 1 minute to watch the band talk about how gevaarlik the show is gonna be! Terms like “groundbreaking”, “massive” and “too dope for words” get thrown around loosely, but you should make up your own mind about it on Saturday night. Tickets are still available from me or any of the band, don’t miss out – to use my own rather questionable term, this is gonna POMP!

Also, big congratulations to the winners of the Awesome South Africa mobile app competition I ran over the weekend. And the tickets go to…(drumroll please)…

NaMa Xam and René Willis!

Excited to see you guys sharing the fruit with us this weekend.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcU2WTws6Ho]


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