3 Poverties_Mr FantasyCurious to hear our new Brother & Brother track? Here’s a little vid I made to promo it which utilises some rap and some Oorlams TV presenting, it drops tomorrow on Soundcloud! Not just that, it also functions as a lekka promo for my home studio, if you’d like your stuff produced gevaarlik, contact me NOW. A big thank you to Ro Su Engel (Supplier of gear + Director of Photography – she also happens to be producing a documentary on my journey as Fruit Vendor, see if you can get her in to film your projects) and Juanita-juliet Domingo (Sound + Styling). I also didn’t know I could do the whole editing thing, well whaddya know – there’s a first for everything. It’s amazing what hair conditioner, a few different camera angles and a full tummy can do.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuPdEAVajQU]


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