First Mate: From Inception to Music Video

So…we are shooting my first music video – ever! For…wait for it…wait for it…First Mate! It’s gonna be the first track off my debut Fruit Vendor EP. As you might know by now, the song is about my Dad’s adventurous life out at sea…but also about how he met my Mom. (Oohlaalaa…)…and how I came into the world (but we’ll leave that to the imagination – ewe)!
FirstMate VidShoot_AdFlattened

We are currently looking for a young couple to play the part of my parents. The shoot happens next week Thursday, and will feature a bunch of locations around the city of Cape Town. Interestingly, when you write a song – you never in your wildest dreams imagine it taking shape like this – from its inception in the heart, to the paper, to the guitar, to the live stage setup, to the studio and now finally, to the music video.

A few weeks ago my Dad came to visit and I got him in front of the mic, drafted a few questions and the rest is history…digital history:

Parts of the interview have been used as doccie audio for the song.

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad

“I wanted to always become a…seaman, a sailor…and ultimately become a captain of an ocean-going vessel…and obviously I went after it…I went after my dream, really. I remember from small, when we lived in Knysna, I was dreaming about the oceans and I was lying on my back, staring at the sea. So yes, it was always a dream…I wanted to see the faraway places….Japan…I went to Hong Kong, those days…China. I went to Singapore and then the local ports here…Lourenco Marques and Las Palmas…the first foreign port to me was Liverpool. I remember it was still snowing that day, the first time I saw snow. I was running around with…I didn’t have a jersey on like everybody else, I was so excited that the Chief Officer said you better go put on something, you gonna get sick…”

“I went home to Upington…with the intention of just going to say goodbye to the folks and then I would just disappear. I would leave…It wasn’t easy to leave those days either but yes, I was going to go away and never come back again. But then I met…when I was on holiday, I met my wife…and that changed the whole picture. I went away for another couple of years and then I came back. She was still there.”

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