Julian WenntertainmentI recently had the opportunity to produce Julian Wenntertainment‘s first single Love Is, which was later turned into a Indigogo crowdfunded music video. Working with Julian was a really educational and inspiring creative journey for me, since we fleshed out his initial predominantly guitar based song into a full production with drums, bass, keys and a load more instrumentation.

I first met Julian when we worked together on the musical Rockville 2069 last year, where he brought all his skills as a singer, songwriter, actor, dancer and even capoeira instructor to the fore (he made it his mission to take me through those capoeira paces and man, did it hurt).

The music video for his track really took it to the next level – shot in the city with so many extras, it’s really professionally done. I wish all the best for this track – it’s already started making considerable headway. Have a look:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIw58-sfKKg]

Julian’s got a regular gig on Sundays at Thirsty Turtle, make sure you check this guy out soon!

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