Mark Funks it up at SUN Studios

In my previous post I told you about our recording session at SUN Studios last week, well – here’s a sneak peak into the shenanigans as they unfolded. Our bassist Mark has really been pushing himself to play more hard grooving and intricate funk basslines and he’s definitely stepped up to the plate.

Check out our awkward little dances while Mark tracks his bass parts:


My Didgeridoo
My Didgeridoo

Didgital Vibrations

Guess what? I bought myself a didgeridoo yesterday! I’ve been meaning to get one of these¬† for a long time but never had the follow through to just go out and do it. A couple of months back, I wrote an article on indigenous music master Pops Mohamed for the magazine I write for. I was so moved and inspired by the conversation I had with him that the idea of incorporating more indigenous instrumentation into my music just never left me (I already have a homemade !Xaru (Khoisan mouthbow) which I used for my show Josh Prinsloo en die Dahgah Fondasie at Woordfees earlier this year, which I also subsequently used in a free improvisation I recorded a while back.

Now, all I have to do is learn circular breathing – the technique that allows you to push air out through your mouth while simultaneously taking air in through your nose. It’s quite challenging.

Next up I’d like to buy an Uhadi (or Khou or Berimbau) which is similar to the !Xaru, in that it’s a bowed instrument with the addition of a kind of calabash for resonance. They sell these at Solms Delta wine estate where I often play.

First Mate at KuilaAcoustic ‘n Folk Music Festival Audition

Yesterday I also signed myself up to audition/compete for a spot at the Acoustic ‘n Folk Music Festival happening at the Baxter Theatre later this year. If I get selected to perform, it will be alongside some of SA’s biggest singer-songwriters and acoustic music performers. On the 23rd July I’ll be performing 3 original acoustic tunes at Music Experience and will need the support of anyone who digs my music, thereafter (if selected) I will go through to the final round happening in August. Help a brother out please!

Read this Month’s Kuila Expression Session Newsletter

So for the past year (more or less) I’ve been performing at the Kuila Expression Session which happens every last Sunday of the month at the Christian Family Centre in Saxenburg Park, Kuilsriver – where an avid community of performing artists, creatives and music appreciators gather for an evening of great artistry. I’ve seldom missed an opportunity to perform and here’s why. Check out the latest installment of their newsletter written in part by Brendon Bosch (one of my most appreciative supporters). If you haven’t yet attended, this coming Sunday is your chance.

Upcoming Gigs

25 June – SAICA Roadshow at Wynberg Girls’ High School, Wynberg

26 June – Tjiff en Tjaff at Vredendal Stadium, Vredendal

26 June – Solms Delta Soetstemme at Solms Delta, Franschoek

27 June – SAICA Roadshow at Fish Hoek High School, Fish Hoek

29 JuneKuila Expression Session at Christian Family Centre, Kuilsriver

11 July – 14 July – Tjiff en Tjaff at Skouspel

18 July – Brother & Brother at The Bohemian, Westdene, Johannesburg with Carri Wolfe

16 AugustBrother & Brother at Aandklas, Stellenbosch with Elevated Motion – Collab Gig

20 August – Fruit Vendor Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival Audition (Live) at Music Experience, Cape Town

25 August – 7 SeptemberRockville 2069 at Artscape Opera House, Cape Town

24 September – Solms Delta Soetstemme at Solms Delta, Franschoek

20 November – Solms Delta Soetstemme at Solms Delta, Franschoek

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